Defi SOLUTIONS's SERVICING product has been one of my longest client project relationships I've had to date. When I joined the project, the product was already well on its way into development. I was eager to get involved because Defi has a great team of developers and managers working on their new SERVICING product. As they were developing their new product they noticed something missing - design. Instead of looking for pretty UI, they were looking for a vision to make their awesome product into a cohesive system through experience and consistent UI.

Because of the nature of a B2B product, many of the ins-and-outs have to remain under wraps for the time being.

As the product progresses and we understand our user's needs better, we plan to utilize this dashboard area for analytics that are specific to the customer. For now, it's just to display the tool & feature options


The defi SERVICING product presented a challenge because of the size of scope. This single product is home to dozens of tools, all as revolutionary as the next. It was my challenge to make all of these tools cohesive and feel intuitive when switching between them. Some tools were part of the same flow while others were exclusive and self-contained.

Rule Builder

Some of these tools like the Rule Builder are quite expansive. The Rule Builder allows the user to trigger an action when specific criteria has been met (much like an if this, then that statement). This tool seems pretty straightforward on the surface. However, as we began building out scenarios we realized just how complicated some of these rules could get. We could have just restricted the user to only be able to write simple rules but we felt that by allowing complicated rules, it would add immense value to the tool. We looked into several UI solutions to build out this robust Rule Builder but landed on one that takes the form of a tree view. We felt that this pattern was the most readable since the scenarios vary so greatly.

Page Builder

Much like the Rule Builder, we wanted the client to be able to customize their agent's pages to tailor to their needs. The Page Builder allows each client to craft the pages of information that their agents see. This way each team of agents can view all the information they need without the clutter of unnecessary details. Not only is this amount of customization a snazzy way of giving the clients ownership over their system, but it is also a money saver. The agent does not have to waste time searching through irrelevant information.

defi Bar

As we followed the same goals from the above tools and features, we wanted to increase customization even further by adding a feature that we're calling defi BAR. Basically, defi BAR is a go-to spot for frequently requested information. This bar is always available on any account page. As the agent is speaking to their customer and servicing the account by using several account pages, this information on the defi BAR will always be available to them. This cuts down on searching for information, flipping back and forth, and can even avoid pain points of lost data caused by flipping back and forth between pages.

Oh! Did I mention that the information on the defi BAR is completely customizable by the client on a per agent/team basis? Pretty cool eh?


While I designed the SERVICING product there were several times when I was asked to contribute to the marketing of the product as well. I put together several powerpoint/keynote presentations, digital content, and eventually a landing page for customers to sign up for the beta version of the product. After creating these different marketing efforts, I would be contacted by a different department of defi to help them with similar materials.